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He loses his cool and is desperate to make a comeback, convinced that the next hand will be THE hand to make him.
Remember the latest James Bond flick, which I actually labeled a poker movie in an article just recently?
Then again, the wife leaving him and marrying the other guy Im sorry but this just sounds like something out of a soap opera, or leje slot frankrig something from the Middle Ages!
When they hear or read news such as this, their eyes stick and poke tattoo artist denver probably pop out in wonder, or maybe they shake their head in dismay.High-stakes poker, poker game, poker games, poker stakes, poker story.I think it was an Alfa Romeo, I am not sure, my memory is a bit hazy (all I can remember is Daniel Craig as James Bond).No wonder people who arent into poker see it in a negative light most of the time.When you think about it, though, the whole thing sounds hilarious, doesnt it?Andrei Karpov, from Murmansk, had run out of money in a game of poker and offered his opponent his wife instead of cash to stay in the game.Remember that poker game between that Greek guy and Agent 007?
But as soon as my ex-husband did lucky eagle casino buffet that I knew I had to leave him.In this day and age you would think that putting up a person as your stake wouldnt be possible!She has since married Brodov, and said she does not regret leaving her first husband.The question is, does this really happen in real life?Then again, this happened in Russia, where norms may be quite different from that of the US or other European countries.A gambler is so much into a game but ends up having a bad streak.

I hope that I havent offended anyone with my musings in this article.
I just found it really hilarious.