"But Mary kept all these things, pondering them in her mobil casino dk heart" (Luke 2:19).
Do not think that you know it enough, even if you know it all by heart" (Bishop Ignati Brianchaninov).
It provides an existential encounter between men and God.Thus Scripture and Tradition belong together.Peter Chamberas, a New Testament scholar, wrote, "the place where the study of the Bible takes place should be before the holy icons, with the vigil light glowing and the fragrant incense burning.In my country we have a god-shelf so we can worship our gods in our homes.For the Bible is not merely a history of the past, or an object of study, but "the power of God unto salvation for everyone who has faith" (Romans 1:16).It is important to know Jesus better if one is to paint Him better.4:3 where the iris or rainbow is said to surround the throne of God.Through censing we pay respect to the image of God in man which resides in all persons regardless of the color of skin or class.
"Ignorance of the Scriptures is ignorance of Christ" (St.
Hearing or reading it, do you take the trouble to penetrate its meaning, in order to understand it?
The expression of the divine, transfigured state of Jesus through the use of stylization.The truth is that the Bible does all three.According to Orthodox teaching, they may be read for personal edification but are not authoritative for doctrine.We should read slowly and look around.We are what we eat.Who can help us understand God's word?It was believed that to paint Jesus better one must truly know Him better.Thus it was the Church that determined the composition of the Bible and guarantees it to be God's authentic revelation.

It is difficult to lie, to cheat, to be brutal in front of an icon.