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Hydro Thunder is released by Midway Games a 3D speedboat racing game and was one of the first to run on QuickSilver II hardware, a windows-based hardware setup which was less expensive to use.
Namco releases Pac-Man, its biggest-selling game.
Contents, early history ( ) edit 1971, syzygy, a precursor to, atari gratis spins ohne einzahlung 2018 Inc.18 19 The Empire Strikes Back is released and became Atari's last major vector-based arcade game.Mortal Kombat II is released, featuring high quality digitized graphics, and the most advanced sound system in arcades at the time, the DCS sound system which allowed for MP3 style compression to all sounds.Namco releases Assault, which was the first game to make use of massive sprite rotation as well as sprite scaling.Chiller by Exidy is released and is an early example of blood and gore."Air Race pcb by Atari, Inc.Gauntlet Legends is released by Atari Games and it is the first game in the Gauntlet series to be produced in 3D and is the last Gauntlet game released by Atari Games.
"15 Firsts In Video Game History".
21 Top Gunner by Exidy is released and is the last commercial arcade video game to use vector-based(wireframe) graphics.Galaxian at the Killer List of Videogames The Essential 50 - Pac-Man, 1UP Playing With Power: Great Ideas That Have Changed Gaming Forever, 1UP "Gaming's most important evolutions".Many 2D fighting games like Fatal Fury, World Heroes, and Samurai Showdown ran on this hardware and was very popular in the arcades for its time.NAM-1975 is released by SNK and is the first game running on a Neo Geo hardware and became the standardized arcade platform throughout the 90s to the early 2000s.Computer Space, the first commercial video arcade game.

1981 Atari release Tempest, the first color vector arcade game.
"Mandala Turbo Kourier Module".