Is the planning poker kortlek destruction of Our Lady's venerable shrine at Lourdes, France, a sign of Heaven's abandonment of the unCatholic Newchurch of the New Order and its leaders?
Newchurchers know nothing about the Catholic Faith.No wonder this "Terrible Troika" has failed Catholicism so badly!John Chrysostom understood the Catholic teaching that "the higher they are, the farther they fall." Popes and bishops are more likely to be in Hell or Purgatory because they failed to meet the standards of their high office, which (remember) they voluntarily assumed.And do they ever deserve it for their perfidy and hypocrisy to the traditional Catholic Faith!Our Lady's apparition at Lourdes in 1858 is certainly more venerable than Fatima of 1917.The site is hosted out of the Vatican City State by "a fraternity of homosensitive Roman Catholic Priests sic for those seeking to find "like-minded priests sic." The purpose of the site, named Venerabilis, provides an opportunity for "gay" presbyters (Newchurch has not ordained priests.Half the traditional Catholic priests and faithful walked out on the traitor Rangel and refused to have anything to do with his now pseudo-traditional society.
Too bad jpii-Wojtyla, the First Paedophile Newpope, didn't allow him to do so, as many tens of thousands of child victims would have been spared being assaulted and sodomized by Newchurch presbyters and Newbishops.A more perverted logic is hard to imagine.Bergoglio's second telling admission at the meeting was that his Newcuria comprises a "gay lobby In the Curia, there are holy people, but there is also a stream of corruption.Newchurch officials, including his Newbishops, repeatedly failed to take any meaningful action against Primeaux and other presbyters from continuing their sex crimes against children.THE angels OF THE traditio network consist of those readers who join with other readers to undertake a regular monthly donation.00.S.The Court did not find that a pope has automatic immunity against criminal prosecution.On this second occasion melting snow has added to the weight of the flood waters and made this weeks deluge even more destructive than in October 2012.What Barron failed to tell the Conference is the full truth: that what passes for the Catholic today is a fraud.Current monthly revised edition of the, official Traditional Catholic Directory, Listing All Traditional Latin Masses and Traditional Resources for North America.