One moment Gengar is throwing shadow balls, the next he is avoiding attacks by sneaking around in the shadows.
When in duel phase, you can use this to set up combos or just to stop an opponents counter/blocking.Share, connect, game footage not final.Check out my instagram / Also, check out my personal channel, where I upload skits, blogs, and other funny stuff!If you like to be sneaky and keep your opponent guessing, Gengar is for you.(Synergy) ForwardA, LR This is used while you are in Synergy Burst.This is harder to do, but it lets you get in a few extra attacks before going for the throw.
Low: Avoid High Attacks, move back faster.
Gengar køb poker jetoner can do a lot in field phase.Synergy Burst, edit, aesthetics.It is really is just a reliable way to make sure your Synergy Burst attack hits by stunning them with a Hypnosis first.2016 bandai namco Entertainment Inc.That's all for the Gengar Basics and Combo guide for Pokken Tournament.Footage taken from the arcade version.He isn't that fast, he doesn't have long combos, and it his attacks are not normally as strong as a Power character.

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