Rinse, repeat for the final two weeks of the Mega poker y8 new games Bonus promotion.
Thus, over half the depositors in the Mega Bonus promotion will receive a lottery ticket.
Week 2 goes from August 3rd through August 9th.Week Four 5:00am on August 17 through 5:00am on August.Week Two 5:00am on August 3 through 5:00am on August.Bonuses are limited to one per week and players cannot make a withdrawal until the end of the promotion August 23 otherwise they become ineligible to claim the Mega Bonus in the current or subsequent weeks.I like to receive things.The first two moves, in particular, were clearly efforts to revamp the site to make it more friendly to casual players, and for that, I applaud Full Tilt.
The Mega Bonus runs for four weeks until August 23 and is activated we players deposit at least 25 using the bonus code.Full Tilt Poker has taken a huge risk in trying to welcome recreational players, making substantive changes to its entire poker offering.Its a cheap, lazy way to try to win recreational players and just looks bad compared to Full Tilts well-thought out efforts.There will be depositors who, if they deposit the minimum, will get a very nice return, but nobody should actually count on being those players.With this Mega Bonus promo, though, PokerStars is quite obvious trying to attract those same recreational players, but in a way that either insults their intelligence or tricks them into thinking they are getting something of value, depending on how you want to look.Of course, if someone deposits a couple hundred bucks and gets 5 or 10 as their Mega Bonus, their heart isnt going to skip a beat.But when you look at what the rewards are, they are actually kind of crappy.These tournaments take place at 6:47pm UK time on August 3, 10, 17 and 24, award 100,000 in cash including 10,000 to the eventual winner.

The Mega Bonus promo, on the other hand, just says, Give us your money and youll win mega prize!