A: At the moment it is Windows only.
If not, please let me know, then I will gladly explain this concept here.
Get the completely functional version of PokerRanger.
Thank you very much for your interest.Internal tests have shown that this works remarkably well even for hundreds of weightings.Just click on the button below to download your trial version and try PokerRanger free for 21 days, try PokerRanger for free.Equity Analysis: Of course, you can see the equity of one range against another preflop or on specific flops, turns or rivers.If you are having problems with PokerRanger, whether it be with the usage of the software or installation difficulties, or indeed if you just want some hints and tricks on how to get the most out of the software, please visit our official support thread.This is an important feature for GTO-related calculations Training Functionality: You can train how you perceive the equity of a specific hand that you get against an opponent's range.All the best, Michael Eisflamme, 02:57 PM # 259 spacehippie old hand Join Date: Oct 2013 Location: lost in space Posts: 1,240 Re: PokerRanger Ahh I figured it was something easy because you did respond to an initial question I had before I made the.Eisflamme, 11:54 AM # 272 BiggerBoots adept Join Date: Sep 2012 Posts: 739 Re: PokerRanger?How do I import ranges that i have downloaded?
This way, you should get your new range tree.
Poker players using PokerRanger improve their game understanding a lot and usually beat players without similar learning software.The PokerRanger Equity Table is the heart of the software and from there, further evaluations can be made.Hey folks, in this thread we present to you our intuitive range tool PokerRanger.I am really not sure why the messages have not arrived.PLO: Winning is Fun on Micro PLO by Kyyberi, spin Go/Twister: 6-Max SNG Quiz regler poker texas holdem by CollinMoshman, nL BSS: FUNdamentals of Poker: Outs (2) by LemOn36, nL BSS: Crash Course - Bluffcatch Decisions (5) by w34z3l.Give two players a range of hands, specify the board, and find maritim jolie ville resort & casino 5 out the equity a hand range has against a villain (considering dead cards).I will PM you my Skype details and go from there.Hand Strengths on Boards (similar to Flopzilla Like in Flopzilla, you can see how often a range hits a pair, twopair, set etc.Run your existing ranges against other player's ranges on specific boards and see whether your equity drops suddenly or goes smoothly down to plan your range setups.

All the best, Michael Eisflamme, 12:27 AM # 274 fooz adept Join Date: Nov 2002 Location: Poker in a Box Posts: 897 Re: PokerRanger Hi, You mentioned a few years ago that proper weighting would be implemented.
Clear and easy to use Equity Tables.
BiggerBoots, 11:56 AM # 273 Eisflamme centurion Join Date: Mar 2008 Posts: 197 Re: PokerRanger Hello BiggerBoots, I assume that you mean prt files.