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If you want to go to the next page, simply type the page number you want to go to after typing the command.
Profile To see the profile of casino culture a user, type!profile or!p along with the mention of a user.
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PokeBot, a Pokemon based Discord bot, a project being developed by Kuroi, currectly available on Public beta, The project/bot is being rewritten, it'll have more functionalities, commands, maps etc., some features available in near future: Move/Movesets, nuzlock, story tivoli bingo middleton mode, gYM.I.e.!fuse arceus arceus-dark arceus-bug arceus-water arceus-fire arceus-flying (More than one of the same type can be used).Displaying gifs To display a gif, simply just type!gif followed by the name of the pokemon.Mainpoke user, check your or someone else's main pokemon here.If you want to see your lootbox inventory, type:!loot or!l Pokemon Inventory To see your pokemon inventory, type!inventory or!i.Within that 10, you can get either a bronze, silver, gold, or legendary lootbox.
Every or x value is based on the default configs.
As the command prefix.Type!fuse along with the pokemon you wish to fuse all forms.On the user's part, to claim their compensation, type!gift.Daily Token Shop (Had the bot prefix.Ping none prefix Wanna change the bot's prefix, try using this command!