Graphics are segregated into files, each one making up one screen and having one filename.
"enter save filename inpn2 IH 1040 D47:IF casino poker rules FN1(3,4 BN" OR FN1(4, 5 BN" then flag1:D31 BV 1050 open #3,4,0,FN1 YH 1060 FOR N1 TO 8:GET #3,X:nexx 1070 GET #3,rowt:GET #3,rowb:GET #3,CO LL:GET #3,colr:IF flag then coll1:COL R239 GJ 1080 FOR N1 TO D:GET #3,X:nexi 1090.
A file named temrlst will be written to your disk.
#6 oldynwy HA 810 GET #2,K PM 820 IF K28 OR K45 then nwynwy-2:GOT O 860 LX 830 IF K29 OR K61 then nwynwy2:GOT O 860 NH 840 IF K155 then 890 PA 850 goto 810 SV 860 IF NWY ymin then nwyymax SR 870.The sector number is or 949 and the offset into sector 949 is byte.From this disk, you can save Graphics 8 and MicroPainter files to any DOS disk, while Print Shop saves can be loaded into the Print Shop editor then re-saved to your Print Shop file disk."AND space BAR TO toggle window."1 2 select cursor lines.Immediately wheels started turning, and before I ever got started on the newsletter, I was pounding the keyboard.L5T restore :poke 764,255 HN 80 FOR N1 TO 92:read D:PUT #1,D:nexh 90 close #1?The problem arises when you try to convert between Graphics 8 screens and MicroPainter's Graphics 15 (or 7 or "E.Conversely if you load a Graphics 8 picture into a Graphics 15 screen, you can display only 160 pixels per line, but the additional information creates strange color artifacts.With ugfc you have four formats to work from: Graphics 8, MicroPainter, Print Shop and Newsroom.
The next three-byte entry will be the first graphic in the autoi file.
Finally, you give the Save filename and your screen is saved.Storage Techniques, nothing really needs to be said about Graphics 8 storage." insert formatted disk press ANY KEY poke 764,255 YH 65 IF peek(764)255 then 65 TN 70?Sector secto E 8 0 P!By assigning two bits to each pixel, you lose resolution but gain four colors.Merge this file with the program from Listing 3 in the manner described in "Typing it in" above.The banner or photo is then stored as a single file with no compression, horizonal scan, but in inverted (black-on-white background) form.#6;CHR(125 gosub 10000 MU 5070 gosub 180:LOX:gosub 180:HIX:GOS UB 180:offx GY 5080 sectlo256*HI:byteoff1:IF byte 128 then byte1:sectsect1:gosub 100 00 JD 5090 FOR times1 TO 16:DIR(1 DIR (7600 DIR(2)DIR KF 510:gosub 180:rowtx:gosu B 180:rowbx:gosub 180:collx:gosub 18 0:colrx PU 5110 cint(colr-coll 8)1:rrowb-ROW 1)INT(coll/8) VZ 5120 gosub 300:sectpeek(778)256*peek.

Newsroom stores photos and banners as DOS binary files with the first two characters of the filename "PH" for a photo and "BN" for a banner then a 6-byte filename without extenders.
I happen to be lucky enough to be in the same users' group as Courtney but for the rest of you, hound analog to get one in print!
MicroPainter is the same except that after the screen bytes, the values of the four color registers are added.