Enjoy it Oh yeah, everything changes spielcasino hohensyburg brunch Oh yeah, tonight, even the air is diff-rent.
I want you desperately more than anything.
You make all the women here hide their faces.
(No way no way no).The once in a lifetime bloom, no second chance wo ya yi de ke wang yi bao fa chu lai.This day will be remembered caso vc 10 отзывы again.Lipstick, Chateau, Wine color, (Chateau Chateau all over yeah white Champagne, shower in the bubbles (White Champagne on me).Im still thirsty and theres more I need to give you.For, lotto (Korean Ver.) lyrics and english translation, you can.
Dont let this moment go, were going crazy, my lucky lady.(Ah baby) cong yuan fang chuan di lai de sheng yin No way!Before leaving I purposefully leave a flirting glance wo li jie ai ni de chou ma ci ke feng kuang biao gao.No matter how I pretend, cant avoid this godsend luck lipstick, Chateau Color, dronningmølle slottet lipstick, Chateau jiu hong de color.Understand this, youll have to walk every path.My constrained desires have now erupted zen me ban?This may be once-in-a-lifetime, my suppressed instincts jump out (My suppressed instincts jump out) What can I do I just hit the lotto (Just hit the lotto yeah oh) La La La La yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah (Just hit the lotto woo yeah).