Hämeen linna / Hämeenlinna Castle by, tuomo Lindfors, on Flickr, hämeen linna / Hämeenlinna Castle by, tuomo Lindfors, on Flickr, raaseporin linna (Swedish Raseborgs slott) is a partially ruined castle in the Raseborg in southern Finland.
How about some stuff from the former eastern part of the realm?Due to post-glacial rebound it is now inland.Danish castles edit For historic Danish castles located in southern Sweden see also List of castles in Scania Retrieved from " ".Date, condition, picture, notes, taxinge-Näsby Castle, taxinge-Näsby slott.Wikimedia g, martti Puhakka/.G Suomen linna Finland's castle (Swedish: Sveaborg, meaning "Sweden's castle is a large inhabited sea fortress and a unesco World Heritage lottery results in lebanon site built on six islands outside Helsinki.This is a list of castles and palaces in, sweden.In the, swedish language the word slott is used for both castles, châteaus and palaces ; this article lists all of them as well as fortresses.
Built in the 13th century by the Aura river in the city of Turku (Swedish: Åbo) it is the largest Medieval building in Finland.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, jump to navigation, jump to search.Södermanland 1813, conference venue, restaurant, teleborg Castle, teleborgs slott.Hämeen linna (Swedish: Tavastehus Slott) Built in the 13th century and located in the city of Hämeenlinna (Swedish: Tavastehus) in southern Finland.Construction on the fortress started in 1748 as defense against Russian expansion and as a base for military operations.Olavinlinna (Swedish: Olofsborg) Built in the 15th century.Private residence, tistad Castle, tistad slott, södermanland 1771 Private residence Tjolöholm Castle Tjolöholm slott Halland 1904 Museum Toppeladugård Castle Toppeladugårds slott Scania 1920 Private residence Torpa Castle Torpa stenhus Västra Götaland County 15th century Museum Torup Castle Torups slott Scania 16th century Museum Tosterup Castle.Småland 1900, conference venue, tidö Castle, tidö slott, västmanland 1645.Located in the city of Savonlinna (Swedish: Nyslott) in eastern Finland.