how to see pokes on facebook app ios

Yes you can, simply put the text "Today's Birthdays" (without the surrounding double"s) into FBP's Custom Text Filter box.
A variation on this is the " liked this " and " commented on this " options, sometimes posts in the newsfeed have "liked this" or "commented on this" in the header of the post, where the type of post is not specified, so there.It doesn't log you out of chat or disable the chat, it just hides the interface) Simply tick the hide "Chat box" option on the FBP settings screen to hide.Get in touch via the Contact Page to make a contribution.Yes, in order to do this you need jack and the beanstalk online casino game to use some special Regular Expression syntax.You could also share it through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Tumblr, or perhaps publish it directly from the browser.You can do this by temporarily disabling the other scripts/extensions (in firefox you can do this via the Tools/Greasemonkey/Manage Userscripts menu for GM Scripts and the "Tools/Addons/Extensions" menu for firefox extensions, in Chrome, Safari and Opera you can do this in the Extensions menu) and.Please note if you have the "widescreen newsfeed" option turned on (under the Experimental Options heading on the FBP options screen) please turn it off, as this option does not work, and is being discontinued.Can I hide "Games your system mini lotto na 10 liczb friends are playing" / "Games You May Like" posts from showing up in my Facebook newsfeed?Can I hide "Upcoming Events" from showing up in my Facebook newsfeed?
They will be back in your list when the account is re-activated.FBP doesn't have an option to hide the "Pages and Public Figures" link in the left column, why is this?Why doesn't the hide Chat box feature work?No, there is not currently any option to do this, and I dont currently have any plans to implement this.How can I hide all posts in the newsfeed telling me what my friends have liked ( reacted to) or commented on?The way to open FBP's options is to click the FBP link in the blue bar (known as the top nav (navigation) bar at the top of any Facebook page.Be careful to only edit the relevant line).If you still have the problem after doing all that, its not FBP causing.Is there a way to get Facebook to automatically list all comments on a post by "Most Recent" instead of by "Top Comments"?(Please note if you don't have your Facebook interface set to English, it wont work, and you will either have to set the interface to English or else put your own Custom Text into the Custom Text Filter to filter these and other "extras" out.).