fallout new vegas populated strip

Added a small formation of veteran legionnaires complete with a centurion and standard bearer.
They will no longer copy their originals' routines.
AI: - Gave most NPCs generic dialogue accordingly.
The door to the cashier has an average lock.It is an establishment of ineradicable refinement that delicately conceals its operators' more questionable past tendencies.For example, heres a really cool bit involving the main quest affecting the game world permanently.However, I will allow other modders to make these versions themselves and release them.In fact, this mod will be growing and branching out to not just The Strip, but various other major locations in poke garden game as well, and will all be part of one casino club posadas misiónes mod family yet to be announced.This includes Freeside (however Freeside itself remains fortified with the junk walls the Strip exterior and inside the Strip.I also took down the barriers from the doors of those houses, but you cannot enter them.) - Added severl new light sources in forms of lit barrels.Download at your own risk.The room is average for the Ultra-Luxe and includes two beds that the player may sleep.The Strip Open - This mod will not work without The Strip Open mod!Alternatively, he can give the key to the player during Beyond viber poker hack the Beef in some paths through that quest.
Conversion permission You are not allowed to convert this file to work on other games under any circumstances.
Unique item Tuxedo hat, lootable from Mortimer's corpse.Added sleep routines.This seems to become permanent once it occurs, even reloading an earlier save seems to have no effect.Deactivate the esp file.Make a new save dedicated to this mod.They will relax, do push-ups, patrol, tend to their crops, repair items, etc.