Thus, you have to define different parameters for different types of tourists.
Not only will it attract a no don lotto boyzz itunes large amount of low and medium wealth tourists, it will also make your city look like a jewel.
Flow of Tourist, its important to understand how exactly tourists behave in SimCity.
Gambling Houses arent too expensive, so you might want to consider building two of them, one for low wealth and the other for medium wealth.Entertainment Division Cost: 20,000 Operational Cost: 400 per hour Local Access Granted: Celebrity Stage, Disco Club, and Exclusive Club Maximum Modules: 1 Gaming Division Cost: 20,000 Operational Cost: 400 per hour Local Access Granted: Poker Parlor, Craps Parlor, and Roulette House Maximum Modules: 1 Lodging.Disasters, Great Works and, mining Specialization, guide.Because its such a big opportunity to earn and attract tourists, you will have to make sure that you have nearby Bus Terminals, Streetcar Depots, and a Passenger Train Station very close to the stadium (it would be a major plus if the Cruise Ship.Every city has a specific attraction rating for each wealth class.If you managed to build the various divisions in the HQ, then you get access to some Heres a look at the modules: Holo Sign Cost: 3,000 Operational Cost: 100 per hour Maximum Tourists per day: 50 Maximum Modules: 1 Casino Marquee Cost: 3,000 Operational.But your transport infrastructure matters most with the Pro Stadium, even more than it would for your casinos and Expo Center.High class attractions (certain Great Works) and expensive casinos.
In addition to the house itself, its a good idea to have some commercial areas nearby that tourists will also visit during their stay in the gambling house.The HQ is a mandatory building if you wish to unlock the other superior casinos and associated buildings, which will have the capability to attract and accommodate higher wealth tourists.The moment you see that it is eating away your treasury, you should not hesitate to shut it down.However, make sure that you dont go overboard with the number of events you hold.Solitaire Forty Thieves II, solitaire Train Voyage, solitaire Spades Spider.

Now, for every tourist type, there is a specific set of variables.