Collection Röhsska Museum, Gothenburg (S).
Second Hand Stories at Bergen National Academy of the Arts in and submitted in order to meet the requirements of critical reflection posed by the Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme.Likewise, how can museums use contemporary ceramic art to illuminate and reinvigorate historic collections?What you see here is just a sample of Slottes work, head over to her website to see all of these pieces close up, and also check out her wood sculptures.This reinvention is distilled into the use of 18th-century processes and techniques to create new motifs and the depiction of stories inspired by history often with a commentary or critique on modern society.Helsinki-based artist, lotto lordag norge caroline Slotte manipulates artwork found on acquired antique ceramics to create layered landscapes and isolated efterløn bonus udbetaling images.Many contemporary artists are breathing new life into the ceramic medium by reviving and reinvigorating age-old concepts.
Second Hand Stories (Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen, 2007-11) var utforskningen av forholdet mellom tekst og verk i et subjektivt kunstnerisk perspektiv.Eg er glad og stolt over at Caroline Slotte har takka ja til stillinga som professor i keramisk kunst, seier Ellen Aslaksen, dekan ved avdeling Kunst og handverk.From her artist statement : The reworking of second hand objects play a pivotal role in Caroline Slottes practice.From the series Landscape Multiple, 2013.From the series Landscape Multiple, 2009.The exhibition will consider the sources of inspiration shaping ceramics today and ways to keep clay vital in museums, schools, and artistic communities.Ho tiltrer stillinga.

Revive, Remix, Respond is an exciting opportunity to continue that dialogue.
Caroline Slotte bur og arbeider i Helsinki.